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Node red Ideas III

Testing / debugging: it should be possible to drag and drop msgs from debug to a wire or node to inject them. Also a possibility to save and load msgs would be nice.

Split node: in object mode, one should be able to define the object attribute to split (currently it's fixed "payload").

Inject node: it should be possible to define the whole msg (not only payload) via json.

Merge node: new merge node (or maybe merge mode for join node?). This mode merges attributes from "configuration msgs" to "data msgs" if they have the same topic. If no configuration msg exists, the data msg is simply forwarded. 

A configuration message is defined by an attribute - for example "merge", which contains the attribute to be merged. If such a msg arrives, it will be stored in the merge node. A msg with the same topic and merge attribute overwrites the existing msg. If a normal msg (without merge) with the same topic is received, the merge node adds its attributes (defined by the merge property) to the data msg. After sending, the merge msgs will be kept in the node.

Usage: add config / meta data to msgs, condense multiple msgs,...
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